The Bully Bar


With “Aviation” and “Negroni” cocktails now available on tap, The Bully Bar is the second distinctive beverage program offered by Presidential Restaurant Group (PRG). The first was the runaway success story that is The Bar @ LINCOLN. Let our team treat you right!


Accomplished bar consultant and Mixologist John Hogan, creator of sister restaurant LINCOLN’s impressive bar program, has again authored a totally distinctive and fresh beverage program at The Bully Bar. (Per DC Thrillist’s recent article on Hogan: “If you have a home bar worth a damn, you probably recognize his mug from the label of Bar Keep lavender bitters.”)



Not only has our Rickey been selected to represent D.C. in a roundup of 50 cocktails from around the U.S. by The Food Network, CBS Local calls it one of the best signature cocktails in D.C. Thanks for the press!


The early 1800s through the beginning of The Prohibition is becoming known as “The Golden Era of American Cocktail History,” a period when the American bartender was arguably as iconic a cultural figure as the President himself. The Bully Bar is inspired by Teddy and his life filled with adventure, discovery, strength, leadership and innovation, and this Golden Era in which he lived.


At The Bully Bar, the American bartender is back and classic cocktails are en vogue again, as they were in the Golden Era of Cocktail History in which they were created and popularized.

The Bully Bar features hand crafted classic and modern cocktails, created fresh daily and offered as part of the best Happy Hour in Dupont Circle. The bar program sources local ingredients and uses modern gastronomy techniques to deliver simple, classic, handcrafted cocktails, craft beers and microbrews inspired by the life of our 26th President. The Bully Bar features a 26-day barrel-aged cocktail program, including the “Rough Rider Daiquiri” aged for 26 days in charred new American oak. Both “Sheeny’s Rickey” and “The Americano” are carbonated cocktails tapped in-house and served exclusively as part of our Modern Golden Era Cocktail program. The “Aviation” cocktail, crafted of Damrak Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Creme de Violette and Fresh Lemon, is part of our Late Night Happy Hour when it is available for just $8. Read more about our Late Night Happy Hour here.


It’s said that while President Theodore Roosevelt loved to eat and drink, to him the table was less an occasion for fine dining, more a springboard for conversation. In keeping with this, our exclusive “social” drink program, including the signature “Roosevelt Island Punch Bowl” and pitchers of seasonal sangria, is bringing people together. The Bully Bar is a social bar offering a shared experience for everyone who enters … an offering of Presidential proportions!

Master Somellier Kathy Morgan – the 105th Master Sommelier in North America and the 19th woman in the world to earn this title – has developed a distinctive wine list for Teddy & The Bully Bar featuring regionally appointed wines.

Make The Bully Bar the backdrop for your next Private Event! We host company parties, wedding receptions, birthday get-togethers and cocktail parties of all kinds. Visit our Private Events page for details.