BYT’s “First Look” at TEDDY

lime-rickey With opening day so close you can almost taste it, Teddy & The Bully Bar’s feature on included deliciously cool-looking photography of some of our signature cocktails. We’re getting thirsty!

The Rickey, D.C.’s official cocktail, was originally created at Shoomaker’s bar by bartender George A. Williamson in the 1880s in collaboration with Democratic lobbyist Colonel Joe Rickey. The addition of lime has been credited to the bartenders at Shoomaker’s, and here at The Bully Bar we’ve added our own twist (shown left): lime foam from a CO2-charged whipper.

Read BYT’s full feature here.

At The Bully Bar, the American bartender is back and classic cocktails are en vogue again, as they were during Teddy’s time – the Golden Era of Cocktail History, a period when the American bartender was arguably as iconic a cultural figure as the President himself. The Bully Bar features hand crafted classic and modern cocktails, created fresh daily. The bar program sources local ingredients and uses modern gastronomy techniques to deliver simple, classic, handcrafted cocktails inspired by the life of our 26th President.

Both “The Rickey” and “The Americano” are carbonated cocktails tapped in-house and served exclusively as part of our Modern Golden Era Cocktail program.

byt-bourbonThe Bully Bar also features a 26-day barrel-aged cocktail program, including the “Rough Rider Daiquiri” (aged for 26 days in charred new American oak) and an exclusive “social” drink program, including the signature “Roosevelt Island Punch Bowl” and pitchers of seasonal sangria.

Be sure to join us on Monday June 24 for opening day!