Happy Hour @ the Bully Bar

Join us at The Bully Bar daily 3-7pm for the best Happy Hour in Dupont Circle! You’ll enjoy special pricing on a variety of signature cocktails, unique classics served “on tap,” and delicious bar bites made to be shared.

Teddy’s beverage program is inspired by the life of the 26th President of the United States, one of history’s most-beloved Presidents, one who led a life filled with adventure, discovery, strength, leadership and innovation. He lived during what some refer to as “The Golden Era of American Cocktail History” and was purported to enjoy the occasional mint julep … made with mint he’d planted in the White House garden!

The Bully Bar features hand crafted classic and modern cocktails, created fresh daily. The bar program sources local ingredients and uses modern gastronomy techniques to deliver simple, classic, handcrafted cocktails. Both “The Rickey” and “The Americano” are carbonated cocktails tapped in-house and served exclusively as part of our Modern Golden Era Cocktail program. The Bully Bar also features a 26-day barrel-aged cocktail program, including the “Rough Rider Daiquiri” (aged for 26 days in charred new American oak) and an exclusive “social” drink program, including the signature “Roosevelt Island Punch Bowl” and pitchers of seasonal sangria.

It’s said that while President Theodore Roosevelt loved to eat and drink, to him the table was less an occasion for fine dining, more a springboard for conversation. In keeping with this, our exclusive “social” drink program, including the signature “Roosevelt Island Punch Bowl” and pitchers of seasonal sangria, aims to bring people together. The Bully Bar’s happy hour offers a shared experience for everyone who enters … and fun at Presidential proportions!

Join us for our ‘Square Deal’ Happy Hour, one TR himself would be proud of. 26-day barrel aged cocktails are only $9, unique classics served on tap $8, signature handcrafted beverages $9, spirits $6, beer $5, wine by the glass $8. See the fully Happy Hour and Bar Bites Menus here. Swing on by to enjoy the glorious weather, dine and drink outdoors today. Reserve a table at Teddy & The Bully Bar in DC by calling 202 872-8700 or via OpenTable.