Your Place to Watch the 2016 Rio Olympics!

If you couldn’t make it to Rio for the Olympics, Teddy & the Bully Bar will be the next closest thing!

Since the Games only come once every four years, we’ve had plenty of time to create the perfect cocktail for you to enjoy while you watch the USA go for the gold.

teddy olympics_no logos

We’ve created our own Rio-inspired drink, pictured above! Our spin-off of the caipirinha (the official drink of Brazil) is made with Sao Paulo cachaca, ginger syrup, lemon sour, cucumber, lime, mint, soda, crushed ice and blue curacao. It’s $12 and will be sold from the 5th of August through the 21st! AND, we’ll be showing the Games and opening ceremony on our hi-def TV’s. 

rondon5For those who didn’t know… Teddy himself was a prominent explorer of the South American country. He went on an expedition with Cândido Rondon, of Brazil, to explore unknown rivers. Through sickness and injury, they discovered what was previously known as the River of Doubt. Now, it’s known as the Rio Roosevelt. Sound familiar?


It’s also the name of one of our Signature Cocktails! The more you know!

We’ll see you on Friday August 5th right here in the heart of Dupont Circle as the event kicks off!